Ellen's 9th Birthday Party

Ellen really wanted, and eventually talked her folks into, a sleepover birthday party. She did lots of the planning herself, and it was a great event! Here are some photos and narrative about the party. Click here to view the whole photo album (about 100 photos).

The cake, courtesy of Karen Rodriguez.
For eating the cake, Laura planned this goofy twist: each girl picked a number from a bag, and the number corresponded with one of several kitchen utensils on the table. The girls then needed to eat their cake with the utensil -- check out their determined looks!

In the morning, while breakfast was cookin', the kids tried drawing pictures of their buddy while wearing blindfolds. It was easy to see who peeked!

Cookin'! We had sour-milk pancakes, waffles, pepper bacon, apple-chicken sausage (minis) and scrambled eggs.

In the morning, the girls each decorated their goodie bags.


Friday night, after cake and presents, the girls watched Kiki's Delivery Service (on laserdisc!). Beforehand, they each colored a Kiki shrinky dink, which we cooked and made into refridgerator magnets. Here's one fresh from the oven, without its magnet yet:

No one left hungry!