Camp Sugar Pine

At the end of the summer we just got out in time for a few days of family camp at the girl scout Camp Sugar Pine, just east of Arnold on Highway 4. It was a really nice camp and we had a great time.

Here's the arts and crafts building, which has great work areas in a shady but open setting.

Ellen and Laura made baskets there . . .

One of the best activities was the Adventure Tower, which had several options for climbing and traversing. There are two main levels -- 15' and 30'. Everywhere you go on this you're on a safety like of some kind, most often with a worker holding on from the ground or the platform.

This next shot is Rick heading up the Vertical Playground to the 30' level.

Here's Rick at the 15' level, about to take the big swing (upside down!):

Here's Eric on the Vertical Playground, nearing the top. Passing that tire was the hardest part of the whole thing:

Here's Ellen on the "Islands in the Sky," which was also really difficult. These swinging sheets of wood are about 30' in the air, and there was no one there but Ellen herself!

We also all enjoyed the archery range.


Every day we also took at least one trail ride.

Saturday morning started with hot-roasted marshmallows!

Meals were also served in an open-air pavilion.