We took a three day trip to Yosemite at the end of June. These photos are the scenery-only shots -- the people shots are on the next page. (For those who care, these were taken with a Sony TRV900 camcorder, in progressive scan mode. They are re-compressed, but otherwise unaltered.)

Bridelveil Falls. The water and wind were just right, in that we could walk to the vista point without getting soaked, but we picked up a nice mist from the falls. This was our first stop in the valley.

Half Dome, from Glacier Point. We drove up here just after stopping at Bridelveil Falls.

Another view from Glaciar Point, this one showing the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

The next day we went on the meadow loop hike across from the Wawona Hotel. There were lots of wildflowers on hand!

Here's a composite shot of the meadow (kind of patchy).

Horsetail growing at the Mariposa Big Trees area of the park.