Cubventure at Camp Royaneh!

Eric and Rick spent three days at Camp Royaneh, in Cubventure, a one-on-one parent and son cub scount event. The camp is a few miles north of Guernville, a few hours north of San Francisco. Both had a great time, with a wonderful setting, great activities and good companionship.

Each morning started with the flag ceremony near the center of the camp. Each den (except for ours) had a turn performing the ceremony.

Next camp breakfast in the mess hall (excuse me: "galley"). (The camp had a pirate theme this year.)

Each day we spent some time at the BB gun range. This was Eric's first time shooting any kind of gun. He enjoyed trying, but found it a bit frustrating. All the targets were too small for him, and he couldn't see where the BBs hit, so he couldn't see how to adjust.

We spent the most time at the archery range, and Eric loved that (Rick liked it too). By the fifth hour, on his last quiver, Eric managed to hit the small target on the hay bales. He was justifiable proud.

One afternoon we took a nature walk, and Eric took in the view from this platform tent. We wtayed in open-air cabins, but there were lots of these tents around. All were on platforms, as level ground is at a premium at this site!


Den 3: "We are Den 3! We're pirates who sail the sea! As Bucaneers we play, at Camp Royaneh! Aarrr!

One of the activities we grilling some food. The boys here are making banana boats: bananas in the skin, stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate chips, then grilled.

This was most of the Den 3 kids and dads, getting ready for the treasure hunt.