Oregon Vacation - Oregon Caves!

We took a day trip to Oregon Caves (another 4 hours on the road), again through very nice country. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the trip a lot.

Our cave experience is mostly based on Cumberland Caverns, in Tennessee, which is a much larger cave system. By comparison, Oregon Caves is small and has been heavily damaged by early tourists. Because it is a national monument, though, it's getting a lot of attention now-a-days, and it was interesting hearing about all the things they are doing in terms of restoration and conservation.

Here is Laura walking out of the lodge. This was a really nice looking building, both inside and out. We saw several people who were staying the night there, which looked like fun.

Here's Laura in the cave, by a column. Near here we saw a tiny albino millipede, which the guide said was very rare. It was the second albino creature she had seen in the cave all year.

Here she is by some flowing formations.

Here are Rick and Laura at the cave's exit.