Oregon Vacation - The Iris Inn!

Rick and Laura spent five days vacationing in and around Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and we saw three plays there: Pericles, Much Ado About Nothing, and Henry IV, Part 2.

What about the kids, you ask? Susan generously stayed at our house while we were away and took care of them.

We stayed at the Iris Inn B&B, just a few blocks from town. It was a wonderful place to stay, with great rooms, meals, gardens, and company. Here are some photos from the Inn.

The back deck had a fountain which had water spilling from a pot. The cats (there were several) enjoyed getting drinks there, and sometimes batted the water into each other! This photo was taken from our room on the second floor.

This was our room, the "Vista Room." It was small but cozy, and had a nice view overlooking the gardens. Vicki (the innkeeper) brought us this nice vase of flowers for the room.

Flowers along the side of the garage.

This is the back door, leading to the kitchen. Vicki (and sometimes crew) made terrific breakfasts in there. On the porch the cats were often seen hanging out. There were several kittens, and they liked to roll and tumble with one another on the deck.

This cat (did I mention there were a lot of cats?) seemed a little more composed, and enjoyed having a few photos taken.

Another of the (14!) cats.

There were, in fact, more flowers than cats.